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Ronald Chagoury Jr.


Infrastructure for the Environment



Based out of Lagos, Nigeria, Ronald Chagoury Jr. is a Representative of the Chagoury Group and Vice Chairman of Eko Atlantic, a division of the Chagoury Group. 

Ronald and the team are currently focused on the development of Eko Atlantic, a project for which Ronald Chagoury Jr. is Vice Chairman. 

Eko Atlantic is a groundbreaking new city built off the coast of Lagos – the largest and fastest-growing city in West Africa – on land reclaimed from the ocean. The metropolis stands on 10 million square metres of land – approximately the size of Manhattan’s skyscraper district – and is protected from the ocean by an 8.5 kilometre-long sea wall. 

The visionary project is already at an advanced stage of development. It will offer ample residential space, land that is optimally located adjacent to Lekki and Victoria Island, and a booming international business district that’s already enticing investors. 

Perhaps most impressively, the entire city is built to be self-sufficient and sustainable. It includes its own power generation, clean water, tree-lined streets, underground drainage, state-of-the-art urban design, and advanced telecommunications, and that’s just scratching the surface of what Africa’s new economic capital has to offer. 

Throughout the construction of Eko Atlantic, Ronald has remained focused on ensuring that the city becomes a hub for the quickly-growing middle class and rapidly increasing population of Lagos. 

When it comes to the future of greener infrastructure and cleaner cities, Ronald Chagoury Jr. sees Africa distinguishing itself as the global leader. Between the green forestry and agriculture mixed with new cities and technology, the continent of Africa is poised to leapfrog the west by 2030 in terms of renewable energy. 

Through Eko Atlantic, Africa is already setting standards out of Lagos for how green buildings can be created and implemented, and Ronald sees that trend continuing. 

Ronald Chagoury Jr.’s interest in green energy was piqued during his education at ECE Paris, while he was pursuing his Master’s Degree in Engineering. Green technology and sustainable infrastructure, in particular, sparked his curiosity, as he looked for ways to provide the people of Nigeria with access to low-income housing in their area that’s also environmentally friendly. 

Through Eko Atlantic, he’s working to provide accessible and environmentally-friendly housing to middle-class individuals across Nigeria. 

To unlock more insights about Ronald Chagoury Jr. and his work in infrastructure for the environment, specifically through Eko Atlantic, please visit his blog page!

Past Positions


Vice Chairman

Eko Atlantic | 2008-Present
Lagos, Nigeria

In his position as Vice Chairman of Eko Atlantic, Ronald Chagoury Jr. oversees a number of aspects o the project, including retail development, city infrastructure development, commercial real estate development, and residential real estate development among others.


The Chagoury Group | 2005-Present
Nigeria • West Africa • Middle East

As a registered representative for The Chagoury Group, Ronald Chagoury Jr. is in charge of business development for the group, alongside infrastructure development, real estate development, and general business overview. 



ECE Paris.Lyon | Paris, France
Masters in Engineering, IT Electrical/Electronic

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